Parents, professionals and party people!!  Who needs a date night? 

I know Rachael and I do...and we don't do it enough.  Take a look at some of our favorite restaurants to go to in the Las Vegas and Reno Areas. 

Maybe next time...I will tell you the best place to get your dancing on...



Ranch House: If you live up north and are looking for great Steak and Potatoes...check out The Ranch literally is an old house they turned into a restaurant.



Top Of The World: Best view of the entire city.  Dine with that fine partner and enjoy the majestic views from the top of the Stratosphere.  Did I mention it rotates as you eat??


Capos: Love old Vegas Mobster will love this place.  Dark, romantic, mysterious with amazing ambiance.  Just make sure you know the password...




Rapscallions: Seafood, seafood & more seafood...SLOW DOWN...try the escargot! Ha ha!!



Mario's Portafino: Best Italian restaurant in Reno.  Have a glass of wine...enjoy that fine dinner date!


Beaujolais: In my opinion...the best French restaurant in Reno.  Enjoy great french food right across from the TruckeeRiver!

There you have it...some of Rachael and Nate's favorite restaurants for Date Night in Las Vegas and Reno.  Agree or disagree...leave us a comment or shoot us your favorite place.